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Chapter 33 - Arylle

The Duchy of Arylle is somewhat unique in that it appears to have been (prior to Southmoor's elevation to a Duchy) the only Duchy south of the Sorannah and east of the Adrilankha River.

Brachington's Moor ... the chief residence of the County of Bra-Moor, the seat of the Duchy of Arylle [is] an unlikely place. It comprises eleven counties of neat, elegant farmland, with the southernmost, called Groomsman, extending to a point abutting the Duchy of Luatha on the edge of the Great Plains. The westernmost county, called Pitroad, is separated from the Yendi River by the Collier Hills which, in fact, form something like a ring around the entire Duchy. (Five Hundred Years After, Chapter 9)

[The Duchy of Arylle's] southern neighbor, the [County of Shaltre] ... The district between Shaltre and Bra-moor was ... a barony called Daavya ... Moortown, some three leagues [from Brachington's Moor] (Five Hundred Years After, Chapter 9)

In the first passage, I think the reference to Groomsman being the southernmost county is in error; for one thing, it appears that Luatha is to the north, and for another, Daavya is to the south, and between Bra-moor and Shaltre. Paarfi probably meant that Groomsman is the NORTHERNMOST county.

Aerich travels to Daavya from Bra-moor twice:

[Aerich was] setting off down the road toward Daavya County and the Castle Daavya, which overlooked both a village and a river of the same name ... they presently came down the far side of a very long, gently sloping hill, forming the Eastern side of the Daavya River valley, and so into sight of Castle Daavya (Five Hundred Years After, Chapter 9)


Daavya not only was part of the duchy of Arylle, but ... happened to directly abut Bra-Moor County ... [Aerich] rode at a good, martial speed, on a good horse, it was not many hours before Aerich had crossed over the small brook [named] Barony Brook ... and was then within the confines of Daavya. Within a mile or so of crossing the Boundary [he saw burned trees] and urged his horse forward at an even greater speed. Presently he came to Castle Daavya ... [Aerich left Daavya] and began riding west. (Sethra Lavode, Chapter 78)

There's one more bit of information, and then I'll explain where I put Daavya and why.

For the first post, we must travel north nearly twenty leagues [from Daavya]. After that we travel for sixteen leagues until we join Undauntra's Highway, where the posts are set every ten leagues ... we shall be in Dragaera City ... by this time to-morrow [30 hours non-stop] ... [they] set off at a good canter through the gates of Castle Daavya .. after which the horses turned north beneath the slowly darkening sky. (Five Hundred Years After, Chapter 9)

Let's start with this last bit, because it presents something of a mystery: Why is there a post 16 leagues south of Undauntra's Highway? Is there some significance to this number?

Arylle is the only Duchy I could find that is east of Adrilankha and south of Undauntra's Highway. It's surrounded by counties: Fornia, Shaltre, Southmoor (not a Duchy at the time), Iadam, Whitecrest, etc. Luatha is a Duchy, but it's (mostly) north of the Highway.

Perhaps the Emperor though to give his only Duke in the area easy access to the new (at least, the posts were new) Highway? Or perhaps Aerich himself commissioned a post between Bra-moor and the Highway (it seems like a reasonable thing for him to do).

In such an event, it makes sense that this post would be built halfway between Bra-moor and the Highway. If this post is 16 leagues (48 miles) from the highway, then it would follow by this reasoning that Bra-moor is 16 leagues from the post, and Daavya would then be 4 leagues (12 miles) south of Bra-moor (since Daavya is 20 leagues from the post).

There is certainly nothing approaching evidence that this is the arrangement here, but I tried mapping these out anyway, and something caught my attention: this mysterious post between Bra-moor and Undauntra's Highway ends up being almost exactly 150 miles from Castle Black. The significance?

[Kana] is recruiting [at] Stable Point ... scarcely fifty leagues from here [future home of Castle Black] (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 40)

Stable Point certainly sounds like a post name, and at the time Kana had two armies approaching Dzur Mountain, one from the west, and one from the north:

Izak is approaching Dzur Mountain from the north, while Brawre approaches from the west. (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 42)

While neither army is within 50 leagues at this time (see Alexx's timeline), they could be recruiting ahead of the main army, which would put Stable Point either north of Castle Black, or west. I guessed north. This is, perhaps, a particularly egregious example of speculative cartography, but it fits the text, which doesn't suggest a better alternative, so I'm using it.

That allows me to place Stable Point, the post on Undauntra's Highway and Daavya, which I put just to the southwest of Bra-moor to match the account of Aerich's approach to it from Bra-moor.


Other places within Arylle include the Petrose Brook, the Seeming Road, and the Westering Road, but I have not located them.

[Places in Arylle] the Petrose Brook ... those who live along the Seeming Road may fish [Aerich's] pond ... poachers in the back woods ... The Westering Road may be opened for transport from the mines (Five Hundred Years After, Chapter 9)

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