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Chapter 12 - Barlen's Pavilion

The three roads that Sethra considered the most likely to face attack were the Old West Road (also called the Hartre Pike), Lower Kieron Road, and the Northgate Ferry Way. (Sethra Lavode, Chapter 84)

The road from Hartre to Adrilankha is presumably the Hartre Pike (also known as the Old West Road), but Lower Kieron Road also appears to run west of Adrilankha:

Some five miles west of [Adrilankha] on Lower Kieron Road, there is a place called Barlen's Pavilion (Sethra Lavode, Chapter 86)

Since the Lower Kieron Road ultimately leads to Barlen's Pavilion, and Barlen's Pavilion is near the Generous Wood:

walking through the Generous Wood near the ruins of Barlen's Pavilion on the west side of the city (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 8)

And there are forests to the northwest of Adrilankha:

the forests northwest of Adrilankha. (Sethra Lavode, Chapter 88)

I believe Lower Kieron Road actually runs northwest of Adrilankha.

Presumably the Northgate Ferry Way is to the north, but I don't know where either road ultimately leads.

Barlen's Pavilion
Barlen's Pavilion

The terrain around the Old West Road is forest much of the way:

The Old West Road runs directly through heavy forests for much of its length after leaving [Adrilankha]. (Sethra Lavode, Chapter 98)

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