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Chapter 43 - Covered Springs

Another point along the Adrilankha River is Covered Springs:

How am I ever to reach Adrilankha [from Deepwell]? ... You must avoid the main roads ... and travel by back roads only until you reach Covered Springs. From there it is safe, or else, if you are still worried, there are barges that go down the river until you reach Adrilankha (Sethra Lavode, Chapter 76)

The reference to "barges" suggests that the river in question is the Adrilankha River, which would put Covered Springs on or near the Adrilankha River. I have assumed it is directly on it (perhaps it is located at the point that a few springs flow into the river).

Then there is this rather cryptic remark from Lady Teldra:

we are bound for my ancestral homelands, a county called Southmoor. / Southmoor? Well, but that is near Adrilankha, is it not? / Perhaps fifty leagues from Covered Springs, in the southwest corner. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 27)

I guessed that the reference to the southwest corner was just another way of saying that Adrilankha is southwest of Southmoor (which is nothing new at this point).

I located Covered Springs 50 leagues (150 miles) north of Adrilankha along the Adrilankha River between Covered Springs and Orlaan's Meadow.

Covered Springs
Covered Springs

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