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Chapter 22 - Deathgate Falls

[From Brachington's Moor] we will go north, of course. Directly north, toward Deathgate. If we have seen nothing when we reach the mountains, we will continue northward, with the mountains always to our right hand ... eventually the country became more and more hilly, and then they saw in the distance South Mountain, where the Eastern Mountains begin (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 41)

This seems to indicate that Deathgate Falls is directly north of Bra-moor (and, incidentally, that South Mountain is "on the way" from Bra-moor to Deathgate), but when I asked Steve, he said,

Deathgate Falls is north of Bra-moor in the same sense that Minneapolis is north of Dallas.

Comparing those two cities' respective lon/lats shows that Minneapolis is about 12 degrees east of due north of Dallas, or roughly North by East.

Steve also told me where the source of the Adrilankha River was:

Around 2000 miles north and just a little east of Adrilankha.

And how that relates to Deathgate Falls:

The source of the Adrilankha River is six or seven hundred miles west of Deathgate Falls--west, and just the tiniest bit south.

Deathgate Falls
Deathgate Falls

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