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Chapter 49 - Immediate North of Adrilankha

The Special Tasks portion of Tiassa starts out to the immediate north of Adrilankha.

It is well known among those who live to the north of the city of Adrilankha that as the great river makes its penultimate southward turn it creates pools, bars, eddies, and shoals. [Vlad] was seen first by a Teckla who was driving an oxcart toward Favintoe Market. [From there] About two miles farther along, the road split, one side going directly to the market, the other leading toward the town of Junglebrook. This latter road, some distance before reaching the village we have just had the honor to mention, passed before a small travelers' rest where, more often than not, could be found whichever pair of Phoenix Guards was, on this day, responsible for this region [who retrieve Vlad and take him back to headquarters which is] on Old Quarry Road, not far from the market that had been Dyfon's original destination [and from there they] dispatched a messenger, who, thanks to possessing, first, a good pair of legs, and second, the willingness to use them, less than half an hour later reached ... the Palace [in Adrilankha]. (Tiassa, Special Tasks 1)

In other words, two miles from where Vlad was found (direction not stated), the road splits, with one road (presumably the Old Quarry Road) running to Favintoe Market, and from near this market a messenger manages to run to the Palace in Adrilankha in half an hour.

The farthest any human being has ever been recorded to have run in half an hour is about 10 km. While it's possible Dragaerans are faster than humans, this particular route was also not over a track course, but the combination of a road passing through a jungle and a bustling city,so I am confident the Guards are well within 10 km (6 miles) of Adrilankha, and possibly even just outside the city.

Later, Khaavren travels from this same headquarters near Favintoe Market to where Vlad was found:

Khaavren [mounted and rode] northward. After an hour of riding, he found the place where the Easterner had washed up ... He decided ... it was more likely that the Easterner had entered the river on this, the west bank (which was, in point of fact, south), than that he had survived crossing the entire river. This was fortunate, as it would have been an hour's ride to the nearest bridge, and there was neither horse nor man ever born who could cross the river this close to its mouth. (Tiassa, Special Tasks 2)

It appears that horses cannot canter or gallop for more than a few miles at a time, so it is likely Khaavren was moving at a trot, which is about 8 mph, so at most, Vlad was found 8 miles north of Favintoe Market, which is, at most, 6 miles north of Adrilankha.

Back to the original trip, 2 miles from where Vlad was found, the road splits. Since we now know Favintoe Market is south, the split that leads to Junglebrook probably runs east towards the Shallowway Pike. If it ran west, it would rquire a bridge across the river, and no bridge is mentioned.

I located Junglebrook where this eastward road (which I actually drew running southeast because I believe "split" in a road occurs at less than a 90 degree angle) hits the Shallowway Pike.

Vlad claims the last place he could remember being was yet further north of where he was found:

[Vlad, describing how he came to be found by the Teckla] I was walking north along the riverbank ... some nine or ten miles north of Profimyn ... that puts you nearly twenty miles from where you were found [presumably south, the direction the river flows] ... (Tiassa, Special Tasks 2)

That puts Profimyn 10 miles north of where he was found,

Favintoe Market and Profimyn
Favintoe Market and Profimyn

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