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Chapter 55 - Latitude

The continent upon which the Empire is located appears to be located in the northern hemisphere:

This is a funny part of the world ... The landscape, I mean. Maybe it's because we're so far north of the equator, or because the Kanefthali Mountains start only a few hundred miles away (Orca, Chapter 6)

I have heard ... that among Orca who take long voyages to the south, such as trading expeditions to Landsight, when one travels far enough south, it is just as if one were traveling north. (Sethra Lavode, Chapter 99)

Furthermore, the southern portion of the Empire appears to be in a torrid zone:

[From Dzur Mountain] they rode northeast toward their meeting with the Laughing River, through what had once been good farmland, although during the last two centuries the forests were beginning to reclaim it ... it never becomes cold in these latitudes. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 26)

Shortly after making this observation, Kytraan gestures towards Dzur Mountain, which is still visible.

Finally, no portion of the Empire appears to be located in an arctic zone, as the southernmost point described in such a fashion is the North Sea (north of the East, at that):

Some say [Fenar] came from the lands around the North Sea, where the cold winds had frozen his sinews until they were like fine steel. (Brokedown Palace, Prologue)

These two points seem to indicate the locations of the Dragaeran equivalents of the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle, which would put 45 degrees of latitude midway between these two points.

Degrees of latitude are evenly spaced, and the planet appears to be approximately the same size as the Earth, as evidenced by Steve's response when I asked him how big it was:

I use "roughly Earth" for convenience.

That means each degree of latitude is approximately 69 miles apart, which puts the Dragaeran Tropic at 26.6 degrees (compared to 23.4 on the Earth) and the Dragaeran Arctic Circle at 63.4 degrees (compared to 66.6 on the Earth), and indicates an axial tilt of 26.6 degrees, slightly more than that of the Earth.

Geographical Zones
Geographical Zones

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