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Chapter 13 - Merwin

The place to which we now direct our reader is in the county of Merwin, along the Grand Canal--or as near to the geographical middle of the Empire as anywhere one could name. In the northwestern corner of this county, actually touching the canal, is a barony, called Loraan (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 59)

Since the northwestern portion of the Barony touches the canal, Merwin appears to be entirely south of the canal, and the canal forms its northern border.

In Athyra, Vlad visits a small village in this Barony, which is located about 1.5 miles south of a cliff referred to as Smallcliff.

The Master lived under the shadow of Smallcliff along the Upper Brownclay River, which was half a league from the village (Athyra, Chapter 1)

Smallcliff is to the north, we live below Smallcliff (Athyra, Chapter 3)

To the west of this village, about 3 miles or so, is a place in the road referred to as the Curving Stone, which appears to be very near to Loraan's manor house.

soon they were walking along the Manor Road west of town (Athyra, Chapter 4)

Savn stood at the Curving Stone for a long time, staring down the road that led to the door of [Loraan]'s manor house, which was itself out of sight behind a curve in the road ... He walked on the road as if he belonged there [like] a visiting noble, although he had heard that these people teleported instead of walking, even when they only needed to go ten or twenty miles. The manor house came into sight ... [Rocza] recognized the large rock [Curving Stone?], the nearby house [Manor House?] and the winding, twisting road (Athyra, Chapter 15)

Although its direction is never stated precisely, I believe there is another cliff to the south, named Bigcliff.

it's about half a league to Bigcliff, and then halfway down the slip and along the path ... Savn at once abandoned the road in order to cut directly toward the hills above Bigcliff ... The river flats. That's where the people from Brownclay and Bigcliff go to bathe and wash clothes. / Ah, yes. I was there earlier; I hadn't realized we were in the same place. This must be Bigcliff, then. (Athyra, Chapter 4)

Vlad stood, staring out at the river flats so far below them, dotted with people bathing, washing clothes, or just talking. Savn tried to view the scene as if it were new; the river rushing in from the right, turning sharply around the Black Rocks ... then suddenly widening into the flats ... then narrowing gradually once more as it cut down into the plains and began turning south, toward the sea, many impossible hundreds of miles away ... They continued watching the River Flats. (Athyra, Chapter 4)

Since the river comes in from the right, and then turns south, Savn is facing south, which puts the Brownclay River to the west.

That would put Loraan's keep (Sitria) to the west as well:

it was at Loraan's keep rather than his manor house. The keep, if I recall the landscape correctly, must be on the other side of the Brownclay ... he just came to stay at his manor house, a league or so from town, near the place I first saw you. (Athyra, Chapter 3)

To the east about half a day (25 miles, I'll guess), is the town of Whiterock

As they set off along the Manor Road ... [Linseed oil] must have been what they served the last place I ate, too, half a day east of here. / That would be Whiterock ... they came to the last hill before Tem's house (Athyra, Chapter 1)

which appears to be located in a different county

someone else is lord over Whiterock, though. A Dzurlord. We hear stories about him ... you have to work his fields ... Vlad continued to stare down at the River Flats. (Athyra, Chapter 5)

I guessed that Sitria is located about the same distance to the west of the village.

Barony of Loraan
Barony of Loraan

Kana's cousin Habil journeys from Mount Kana to Sitria:

[Kana] is far to the west, in the mountains ... journey of hundreds of leagues merely to see [Loraan] ... Canal, a near-by village (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 59)

"Hundreds" means at least 200, so that would put Loraan at least 200 leagues (600 miles) east of Mount Kana:

hundreds of leagues from Mount Kana
hundreds of leagues from Mount Kana

Further, Savn believes that the Brownclay River runs south all the way to the ocean.

If he is correct, then the Brownclay River is either:

1. west of the Elbow River

2. is (or flows into) the Elbow River

3. between the Elbow River and Eastern River

4. is (or flows into) the Eastern River (which seems unlikely, as the Eastern River passes under the Grand Canal, whereas the Brownclay appears to flow down over a cliff)

5. east of the Eastern River

The Brownclay river flows south
The Brownclay river flows south

There's really no compelling reason to pick one over the other, so I guessed it was in the middle, at position #3.

I connected Loraan's keep of Sitria to the Canal by assuming that the near-by village of Canal was directly on the canal to the north, and I guessed that "near-by" meant half a day or so (25 miles).

Merwin and the Brownclay River
Merwin and the Brownclay River

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