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Chapter 9 - Missing Eastern Locations

The Foamy River

as [Khaavren and crew going from Dragaera City to Redface] cross the High Bridge over the Foamy River (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 21)


My cousin is a post inspector, and ... he was passing through [Whitemill] on his way to Gatehall from Adrilankha (Iorich, Prologue)

Guilrock Crossing

At last they took the barge across the Adrilankha River at Guilrock Crossing and began to make their way slowly uphill again, as, even here, they were in the lap, as it were, of the Eastern Mountains. (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 22)

They were traveling south around the Suntra towards Redface, but still, there are hundreds of miles worth of Adrilankha River that could have been their crossing point, though I do not see any place the Adrilankha River gets near the foothills of the Eastern Mountains (for one thing, the Laughing River is between the Adrilankha River and the Eastern Mountains).

The High Bridge

as [Khaavren and crew going from Dragaera City to Redface] cross the High Bridge over the Foamy River (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 21)

Mount Klassor

The road then turns east to the Shallow Sea, but if you continue north [you will] find a road running through the jungle [to] Wilder [on] the edge of the Pushta [from there go] North and a little east ... cat-centaurs near here ... continue northward ... to the mountains ... you will be skirting the Eastern Mountains ... pick up the Eastern River [again, keep it upon] your left hand until ... you will cross it once more ... near the lower slopes of Mount Klassor, which is heavily forested ... cross the Eastern River [again] ... only a score of miles from there [to] the feet of the Ash Mountains [continue and] ascend until you meet the Blood River, which you follow into Greymist Valley, thus, to Deathgate Falls. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 24)

I think Mount Klassor is probably northeast of Mount Kieron. Unfortunately, there really isn't enough information to locate it with any precision. They cross the Laughing River at Mount Klassor, and then they cross it one last time, and the Ash Mountains are just 20 miles from there, but it doesn't say how far they travel between Mount Klassor and the last crossing of the Laughing River.

It might seem odd to see a reference to the Laughing River so far north of its source between Mount Bli'aard and Mount Kieron, but it fits with something Steve explained in another context:

when do you call this the Eastern River, and when is it just some mountain streams that will join together to FORM the Eastern River?


From Merwin.

lord of a county far to the east called Redrocks (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 59)

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