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Chapter 11 - Missing Southern Locations

Islands South of Adrilankha

[from Adrilankha] Easterners to the east, and Islanders to the West and South (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 9)

I'm not sure to which islands Paarfi is referring. Landsight is considerably south of Adrilankha, but I know of no other islands specifically in this direction. Perhaps Holcomb? Or the unnamed island duchies?


I have heard ... that among Orca who take long voyages to the south, such as trading expeditions to Landsight, when one travels far enough south, it is just as if one were traveling north. (Sethra Lavode, Chapter 99)

[Zerika] wished to send an envoy to the Queen of Landsight, she did not, at this time, have access to a ship that was able to make this journey (Sethra Lavode, Preface)

the pirates of Elde Island would have utterly prevented our trade with Greenaere, Holcomb, and Landsight (Five Hundred Years After, Chapter 1)

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