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Chapter 36 - Rocky Central District

At the scale I'm creating the map at, rivers flow downhill, which means they have a source above sea level.

I marked the source of the Elbow River (which I guessed was halfway between Blackbird Mountain and the Grand Canal) as being at an elevated position.

I then marked the source of the Brownclay (Merwin County) and Eastern Rivers as also being at elevated positions.

Another elevated position in this general area is the river bridge Steve told me about where the Grand Canal flows over the Eastern River.

Since the Eastern River continues to flow south into the ocean, at this point it is above sea level, and that puts the Grand Canal above sea level as well (since it flows over it to the west).

Finally, just a bit to the east we have Dragaera City, which appears to have been built on a plateau, with a small mountain range to the immediate west.

While Blackbird Mountain appears to be an isolated peak (Paarfi describes the region in which it can be found as "rolling hills"), the rest of these points are probably part of a single rocky region that extends from the source of the Elbow River to Dragaera City.

Rocky Central District
Rocky Central District

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