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Chapter 31 - Szurke and Environs

All the lands around Lake Szurke, within the Duchy of Eastmanswatch ... [Vlad] shall be known as Count Szurke. (Phoenix, Chapter 17)

All you have to do is go to Lake Szurke and live in the manor, or castle, or whatever it is ... It is just west of Pepperfields, which is in the mountains west of Fenario, so you will be close to our homeland. (Phoenix, Chapter 17)

I located Szurke along the western side of the Pepperfields on the slopes of Mount Kieron.


His manor house appears to be located near the town of Miska:

My grandfather no longer lived here; now he lived in a manor house just outside of the town of Miska, near Lake Szurke. (Dzur, Chapter 2)

and is near the Forbidden Forest:

Where is Lake Szurke? East. Near the Forbidden Forest. Why is it called the Forbidden Forest? [Sethra] said it used to be owned by a duke who was especially snotty about poachers ... But then ... Sethra might have been lying. (Dzur, Chapter 4)

I didn't map either, but both are presumably near the point marked Szurke on the map above.

Note also that this puts the Forbidden Forest almost directly between the Ash Mountains and South Mountain, all three of which are places one might appear when exiting the Paths of the Dead:

those few who leave the Paths of the Dead ... report finding themselves ... waking up at the foot of the Ash Mountains, or lost in the Forbidden Forest, or even walking along the seacoast a thousand miles away. (Taltos, Chapter 10)

[Piro] is standing upon a shelf near the base of the South Mountain ... Piro looked out to the north and the east, where mountains still loomed over him majestically ... Consider that there is a cave at our back ... It is scarcely fifteen feet deep, and quite empty ... [The Orb] has returned, or I'm a norska! ... Zerika, emerging from the darkness of the cave, the Orb slowly circling her head ... (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 42)

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