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Chapter 41 - The Aptly Named Yendi River

Early on in this project, before I had noticed the passage referring to the "northern" Yendi River whose source was apparently destroyed by Adron's Disaster, the only reference I had found to the Yendi River being west of the Adrilankha River was this one:

From the Gate of Flags our friends had traveled down the mountain to the small town of Everdim where they took their rest, and proceeded early the next morning, at a good yet not frantic pace, through the Flowering Valley, crossing the Yendi River at Flatspot about noon of the following day, after which they began the trek through the pushta ... At last they took the barge across the Adrilankha River at Guilrock Crossing and began to make their way slowly uphill again, as, even here, they were in the lap, as it were, of the Eastern Mountains. (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 22)

At the time, I suspected that Paarfi had either reversed his rivers (and he meant they crossed the Adrilankha first, and then the Yendi) or he got the names wrong, and meant they crossed the Adrilankha River first, and then the Laughing River (leaving them in the foothills of the Eastern Mountains), but when I asked Steve about it, he disagreed,

No, Adrilankha River is west of the Yendi river. But the Yendi River does a lot of twisting and turning for such an insignificant (relatively) river, and it is possible to cross it several times while moving east or west (if you pick the right spot). It joins the Laughing River (aka the Eastern River) about two hundred miles north of Newmarket.

He went on to add:

But then, on the other hand, "Yendi River" is about as common a name as, say, "Snake River" or "Salt River" or "Stony Brook" is for us. My guess is that the Yendi River referred to in TPG is probably some other Yendi River that was too small for me to bother with on my map.

The first passage is perplexing in that Tazendra claims the Yendi River flows into the Laughing River "downstream" (south) of her location, which is some 40 miles from Newmarket:

where is Newmarket? / If it still exists ... it is thirty or forty miles in that direction / the Marquisate of Khaavren cannot be far / No, it cannot ... yet I do not know precisely where it is ... were we to turn around and travel back downriver to the place where the Yendi River joins the Shallow ... we might see barges carrying that famous wine down to the deltas ... they passed through Luatha and continued northward, looking forward to their first sight of the Eastern Mountains, still far ahead; and, at their northern tip, some fifteen hundred miles away, Deathgate Falls and the Paths of the Dead. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 26)

Either she is wrong, or we're talking about two different Yendi Rivers east of the Adrilankha River: one that flows east into the Laughing River 200 miles north of Newmarket, and one that flows east into the Laughing River at least 40 miles south of Newmarket. I guessed the latter.

On another occasion, Steve told me where the source of the Yendi River was:

Headwaters of the Yendi are about four hundred miles southeast of [Dragaera City].

My assumption is that he is talking about the Yendi River that is north of Newmarket.

That indicates at least three Yendi Rivers, the first being the "northern Yendi River" that is west of the Adrilankha River and starts near Dragaera City, the second being the "main" Yendi River which is north of Newmarket and flows east into the Laughing River, and then a third Yendi River that is south of Newmarket and also flows into the Laughing River.

Three Yendi Rivers
Three Yendi Rivers

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