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Chapter 45 - The Blue Fox

Piro travels from Adrilankha to Southmoor at least twice, and both times appears to take the same route.

The first time, few details are given:

exactly a week into the journey [from Adrilankha to Dzur Mountain] the jungle around them ... in the days that followed, they continued along trails and paths that had been cut through the jungle ... looking at the [desolated villages along the large waterways] until, at last, with a surprising abruptness, the jungle turned into grassland; long, seemingly endless, and with no explanation of why it should make such a drastic change with so little warning ... after they had been on the road nearly two weeks [they meet Orlaan who] put several thousands of miles of distance between [her] and the sea of amorphia [Lesser Sea of Chaos?] (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 12)

But the trip is described in much more detail the second time:

Piro rode northeast from Adrilankha with, it must be said, no very clear sense of where he was going ... He continued, therefore, riding east, until ... he realized that he was very close to killing his horse, whereupon he drew rein. He was, by this time, well outside of the city, in a small forested dell between two low hills, and entirely out of sight of anyone, and it was by now fully dark. He dismounted and led his horse a short distance until he encountered a brook ... After some time, Piro at last rose ... and led her onward, at last reaching a small cabaret, set back from the road and nearly invisible [he spends the night] "Come, let us travel. Let us go back east. I will enlist in Morrolan's army..." ... at last they were both packed and ready to travel, albeit slowly, and they began the journey at a leisurely pace toward the county of Southmoor and Castle Black. That night, they stayed in an inn ... They mounted once more and continued on the same road they had traveled more than a year before, on the way to Dzur Mountain ... [Ibronka arrives] They mounted their horses again, and ... rode ... in companionable silence. By the end of the day, they were close to the western border of Southmoor ... "this is the Nacine road, and here is where it crosses the Shallowway Pike. Therefore, we should turn eastward here." [everyone arrives, the last being a merchant] "here, on this fine avenue that runs between Roughground and Nacine" ... "I know an inn [the Deepwell Inn in Mistyvale County] stands in the middle of eight counties that have reverted to the Empire, with nothing more than a scattered barony among them ... A few hours' ride at a steady clip will see us at the door." (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 66)

I believe he heads northeast until he hits the western border of Southmoor at what appears to be approximately the midway point between Covered Springs and Nacine.

At the end of the passage, they are standing at the intersection of the Nacine Road (which I think connects Roughground to Nacine) and the Shallowway Pike. Since Nacine is east of the western border of Southmoor, I'm going to assume Roughground is west of this point (I guessed it was halfway to Covered Springs), and the Nacine Road runs west to east.

That would make the road they had followed from Adrilankha to this point the Shallowway Pike, and it presumably continues on to the northeast, perhaps all the way to the Deepwell Inn or even beyond.

At the Crossroads
At the Crossroads

Finally, we are given the name of a couple of villages along the route from Dzur Mountain to Adrilankha. In both cases, I believe they followed the same path as Piro, along the previously mentioned roads.

I measured the route as follows: Dzur Mountain to Nacine appears to be about 35 miles. Nacine to the western border of Southmoor appears to be another 56 miles. From that point to Adrilankha is another 156 miles, for a total distance of 247.

The first village is named Yalata:

I left Dzur Mountain on the third day of the month of the Phoenix in the 230th year, all right? I had to walk a long way, and there was still snow on the ground; deep snow at the top. It was cold. ... I climbed down off rocks ... Eventually I made it down [Dzur] Mountain and found the cottage of a Teckla family ... I got some sleep ... Do I really need to give you every day? It isn’t like anything happened. All right, all right. Your rules were: no teleporting, no magic, no Imperial conveyances until I reached Adrilankha, so I got a ride on an oxcart from another peasant ... he [let] me stay in his cottage that night ... the next day I walked as far as the inn in Yalata, and slept in a real bed. My next ride was on a wagon drawn by a pair of oxen ... He brought me all the way to [Adrilankha] (The Desecrator)

Telnan made this trip in four days, with Yalata being the place he spent the night on the third, which puts it 3/4th of the way from Dzur Mountain to Adrilankha, or about 62 miles northeast of Adrilankha.

The second village is named Cambry:

In all the march occupied some fourteen days at the end of which time the Empress stood, unopposed, at the head of her army ... on the very road from which Piro had set out more than a year before. The Empress, then, in an elegant coach (requisitioned the day before in the village of Cambry ... came to halt before what could be considered the gates of Adrilankha, had Adrilankha any gates to stop before. It was, to be sure, at the political boundary of the city of Adrilankha and the county of Whitecrest.) (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 64)

This puts Cambry 13/14th of the way from Dzur Mountain to Adrilankha, or about 18 miles northeast of Adrilankha.

Yalata and Cambry
Yalata and Cambry

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