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Chapter 9 - The Fingers

There appears to be land to the west of Mount Kana:

In the earliest days of the Empire, when the seventeen tribes ... began moving east, among the first discoveries was [the Kanefthali Mountains] (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 3)

It was the gods who sent the dreams that inspired Kieron the Conqueror to gather the tribes and move east ... thus it was the gods who created the Empire that drove the Serioli from their homes. (Issola, Chapter 2)

One geographical region that is west of Mount Kana is the Fingers, which is mentioned by name only once in the published text as of this writing:

Kana had pulled back so that he could reasonably claim to exercise his influence over the western third of the Empire, with the exception of the Fingers, which, except for its few ports, was of little importance anyway. (Sethra Lavode, Preface)

I initially suspected the Fingers were located in the southwestern part of the Empire, but when I asked Steve if they were near Hartre or the Elbow River, he replied,

The Fingers are all the way Northwest, nowhere near Hartre or the Elbow River.

Later he stated their location even more precisely:

Directly north of Northport, across a short stretch of sea (maybe 250 miles at the shortest), are the Fingers.

And even named a port that is located in the Fingers:

Tree-by-the-Sea is along the West Coast, in the Fingers, far to the Northwest.

Tree-by-the-Sea is only mentioned once (although its Count is referred to a few times):

He caused black marble and obsidian to be imported from the far north, white marble ... to be sent from the near north, silver from the Canthrip, brass and good steel from the forges and foundries of Tirenga to the east, glass from the south, and teak from Tree-by-the-Sea in the far northwest (this last being sent by ship to Adrilankha before coming overland, as it was still impossible to pass through the heartland owing to Kana's continuing influence) (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 65)

Since Tree-by-the-Sea is the only place I know of that is located in the Fingers, and I only know of one particular place within the Fingers (250 miles north of Northport), I drew Tree-by-the-Sea in that location.

This is the closest point to Northport ("250 miles at the shortest"), so instead of drawing the coast due southeast from Tree-by-the-Sea to the southern tip of the Kanefthali Mountains, I pulled it back to the northeast just a hair such that no point along the northern side of this "short stretch of sea" was closer than 250 miles.

The Fingers
The Fingers

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