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Chapter 38 - The Great Marsh

Along the bottom of the Map of the East in Brokedown Palace is a large region labeled The Great Marsh.

While there's no way to tell how far south it extends, just the portion visible on that map appears to be over 30,000 square miles. By comparison, the largest wetland of any type on Earth is the Pantanal, which is between 54,000 and 75,000 square miles. If the Great Marsh extends just 80 miles to the south (barely farther than it extends north of the bottom of the map), it would exceed that size.

It's location far from any known body of salt water makes it a freshwater marsh, and its sheer size makes it more likely its fed by rivers than rainfall.

There is a small river flowing west and south from the southern portion of the Grimwall Mountains that passes near Halas Csend and peters out in the middle of the Marsh. My guess is that runoff both from the west and east feeds this wetland. Enough water flows in to keep the area perpetually under water, but not deep enough to classify as a lake.

Ultimately, the Great Marsh probably empties into the River and from there into the Shallow Sea.

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