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Chapter 21 - The Laughing River Delta and South Mountain

although the county was named Southmoor, this appellation was largely unearned. Although there are moors, swamps, and marshes in plentiful supply in the deltas and wetlands to the north, Southmoor in general consists of jungles, tropical rain forests, and some land suitable ... for [farming]. The name, we should add, came from the one moor to be found in the region, a small one in its northeastern corner, but the first area to be settled. They happened to meet a peasant as they followed the road from Chorbis, the village where they had managed to find an inn the night before. (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 37)

The mention of a delta to the north caught my attention because it appeared that Bra-moor was north and a bit east of Dzur Mountain, which means this delta is probably to the northeast of Southmoor. I asked Steve, and he replied,

Yes, that seems to be the case. North and somewhat east.

I guessed this delta probably belongs to the Laughing River, as it is the only major river in this general area. Steve confirmed this, and also said how large the delta was:

The delta of the Laughing River occupies a great deal of area; perhaps 50 miles north-south.

The reference to the mouth being measured "north-south" suggests it is running essentially eastward when it empties into the Shallow Sea.

He also told me its location relative to both Adrilankha and South Mountain:

It's about 400 miles northeast of Adrilankha. It looks like it's about 900 miles almost due south of South Mountain.

That last bit about South Mountain created a slight problem. Previously, Steve had said,

South Mountain is about 800 miles NNE from Dzur mountain.

I could not reconcile this with the delta being northeast of Castle Black and yet even further south of South Mountain than Dzur Mountain. I asked him about it, and he replied,

Hmm...looks more like a thousand miles, now.

The Laughing River Delta and South Mountain
The Laughing River Delta and South Mountain

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