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Chapter 26 - The North

Virtually nothing is said about the north-central portion of the Empire in the published text. When I mentioned how bare it was on my map, Steve replied,

It's pretty bare on my map, too--one of the reasons I won't publish the map. But the Desert of Suntra is due north of Dragaera City, and it's BIG.

Previously, Steve had told me that the north sea was 1600 miles north of Dragaera City, and he referenced that when describing the north in more detail:

That straight line from Dragaera City to the north coast takes you right through the Twisted Forest, about 200 miles in diameter, and about 200 miles from the coast. Suntra is directly south of there.

I drew Suntra filling the entire area between the Kanefthali Mountains to the west, the Twisted Forest to the north, the Adrilankha River to the east, and the Eastern River to the south.

The North
The North

Also located in this area are two seas of chaos, one larger than the other:

The Great Sea, in area, is seven times that of the Lesser Sea. (Issola, Chapter 2)

The Lesser Sea is all that remains of the old capital of Dragaera City:

We stood now on a small rock ledge, overlooking the Lesser Sea of Amorphia, where the greatest city of the Empire used to be (Issola, Chapter 14)

We're even told about how large the Lesser Sea is:

[The Lesser Sea]'s so large. Thirty-five or forty square miles, the last time I looked. (Issola, Chapter 14)

From the 1st quote, that would put the area of the Greater Sea at 7x35-40, or 245-280 miles.

The Lesser Sea was formed by a spell gone awry, and appears to have been centered around the location of this explosion, so I believe the Lesser Sea is a nearly perfect circle. That would make its radius between 3 and 4 miles.

The Greater Sea was formed by Verra, although I am not certain exactly how:

it was Verra ... who created the Great Sea of Amorphia (Issola, Chapter 2)

If it were a perfect circle, its radius would be about 9 miles.

I asked Steve where the Greater Sea was, and he replied,

Just south of the Twisted Forest, middle north of the Empire.

I guessed that "just south" was about a quarter of the way south toward Dragaera City, which puts it in the northern part of the desert of Suntra.

The Greater Seas of Amorphia
The Greater Seas of Amorphia

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