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Chapter 3 - The Northwest

Vlad claims that Candletown is east of Adrilankha:

teleport me to Candletown, which is along the seacoast to the east [of Adrilankha] (Taltos, Chapter 12)

However, many passages attributed to Paarfi seem to suggest (without explicitly saying) that Candletown is west of Adrilankha. I asked Steve if it was east or west of Adrilankha, and he replied,

West. Actually, West by Northwest, more or less. They are both ports, but the shoreline curves sharply northward.

He also told me the relationships between Northport, Mount Kana, and Candletown, all of which are located in the northwest:

Mt. Kana is about six hundred miles northeast of Northport.

Northport is about 500 miles northwest of Candletown. Which makes Candletown, by the way, 400 miles almost due south (just a bit east) of Mt. Kana.

I could not find a perfect solution to the above. Either one (or more) of the directions is incorrect, or one (or more) of the distances is.

Steve later reiterated that Northport was northwest of Candletown:

Adrilankha, Candletown, and Northport are almost on a line, starting at Adrilankha and going Northwest.

That leaves the relationship between Candletown and Mount Kana as the weaker link above, and I found that locating Candletown a little west of Mount Kana (instead of east) allowed me to locate these three points such that five of the six statements (all three distances and two of the three directions) fit.

Candletown, Mount Kana and Northport
Candletown, Mount Kana and Northport

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