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Chapter 8 - The Northwest Coast

I asked Steve how far north of Dragaera City the northern coast was, and he replied,

Mmm...maybe 1600 miles.

And how far north of Candletown:

About 1400 miles.

This puts the north coast at these two points at almost identical latitudes, but it is unlikely that the coast runs east-west between them because of the way mountains are formed (the collision between tectonic plates).

The Kanefthali Mountain range appears to be very young, perhaps even younger than the Eastern Mountains:

I was looking at a mountain, with a bit of sky beyond it. Of course, there was no mountain that close to Castle Black ... We are looking at Hawk Mountain, in the Kanefthali chain ... ... I knew, as I stepped through that window, that if I looked around there would be no window behind me, but I had to look anyway. No, there was no window; there was, instead, a breathtaking view of three mountain peaks ... two of them were capped with snow, stretching out before me, too far away to pick out details. There was a purple sheen to them, and it took a moment to realize I was looking down on them. (Dragon, Chapter 6,07)

Vlad looks down and sees two snow-capped peaks, which suggests the Kanefthali Mountains are very tall. They also appear to have well-defined peaks (Koopyr, famous for its twin peaks, and Needle-at-the-Top, which certainly sounds well-defined). Tall, well-defined peaks indicate a lack of erosion, which in turn indicates a newly formed (or actively forming) mountain range.

They were probably formed when another plate came in from the north and collided with the eastward-moving plate the Empire is located on. Since the Kanefthali Mountains are 700 miles in length, this northern plate was almost certainly 700 miles across its leading edge, which means the northern coast dips south to the northeastern tip of these mountains.

I guessed that the northern coast was the same distance from the northern peak as it was from the southern peak (100 miles).

Early Northwest Coast
Early Northwest Coast

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