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Chapter 50 - Whitemill

a little village called Whitemill at the southern edge of the Pushta (Iorich, Prologue)

I'm not sure how far south the Pushta extends, but I have a decent idea where it is, which limits how far north Whitemill might be (I think it's below the point where the Northern Yendi River flows into the Adrilankha River).

"How far are we from the River?" In this part of the Empire, "the River" can only mean the Adrilankha River. / "About two leagues. From here, there's no need to take a navy barge if you're going that way." / "And the nearest dock?" / "Upriver half a mile." (Iorich, Prologue)

Since Whitemill is two leagues (six miles) from the River, but only half a mile from the nearest dock, I believe the nearest dock is on a river that flows into the Adrilankha River, and not the Adrilankha River proper.

I could get [to Adrilankha from Whitemill] fast. Anyone in Adrilankha would take more than a month to reach me here, barring a teleport or access to a really efficient post system. But I was only a few days from Adrilankha; rivers work like that. ... Three days later I stepped off a boat [into] Adrilankha (Iorich, Prologue)

"More than a month" is at least 18 days. Since he makes the trip in 3 days, that means going downriver is at least 6 times faster than going upriver. The only way this observation makes sense to me is if he's talking about traveling on the river. If he were walking along the shore (or taking a road), I would expect the travel time to be the same either way.

Rivers on the Earth have flow speeds up to 7 mph. Since the Adrilankha River is a major river, and Whitemill is closer to its mouth than its head, I believe its flow speed is closer to the 7 mph max. If Vlad's method of travel was unpowered, and he was on the river continously (that is, 30 hours a day), that works out to up to 630 (3 days x 30 hours per day x 7 mph) miles.

I located it at this maximum range for a couple of reasons:


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