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Chapter 52 - Blackchapel

[Blackchapel] was ... far to the East ... it involves crossing the range of mountains that lies beyond the Laughing River ... the peculiar landscape that might greet the traveler who emerges from the narrow Grinding Pass between Mount Horsehead, also called Hookjaw Mountain, and the Broken Mountain, which may also have other names, although these have not come down to us. [the traveler] would find a gradually widening gorge or valley descending from the mountains in the place where a furious river had once run [herein live the] Nemites [and their neighbors] the ... Letites to the North and the ... Straves to the south (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 1)

the House of the Dragon [had] dwellings not twenty leagues away, on the other side of the Broken Mountain ... the Broken Mountain has served ... to shunt large groups to one side or the other of the Nemite Valley, and both of its sides ... are guarded by [the Letites and Straves] ... the Valley is safe from the west, from the north and from the south ... to the east ... the valley is sealed off by a sheer cliff of granite ... nearly four thousand feet high, three miles wide, and running almost straight up. From its peak, it runs down to the east in a slope only slightly less sheer ... beyond "the Rise" ... is a land of bogs and mires [which] continues for several miles--all the way ... to Thundering Lake--or Lake Nivaper as some call it ... [Blackchapel is] directly opposite [the Thundering Lake] from the Rise. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 1)

These two passages establish that the lake in question is near the Eastern Mountains, and the mention of Dragaerans living just to the west suggests Blackchapel is no further north than Deathgate Falls, which is the northernmost portion of the Eastern Mountains in which we are explicitly told Dragaerans live.

That leaves two choices: the small lake to the north and the much larger Marsh Lake to the south:

Eastern Lakes
Eastern Lakes

Where in the East was [Morrolan raised]? There are--or, rather, were--a series of small kingdoms near Lake Nivaper, just south of the Hookjaw Mountains. (Issola, Chapter 7)

The reference to the Hookjaw Mountains being to the immediate north indicates the smaller lake to the north is Lake Nivaper.

Paarfi indicates that Blackchapel is on the opposite side of the Lake, but consider this:

[The raiders] are from a region called Sylava, around thirty-five or forty miles around the lake ... [The raiders came from] the northeast. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 5,06)


[The barbarians] live in four villages, forty miles away following the shore of the Thundering Lake. (Sethra Lavode, Chapter 85)

This suggests that Blackchapel is to the southeast of the Lake, and the raiders are to the northeast of the Lake, but "around the lake", not in a straight line.


The Valley described by Paarfi is bounded primarily by Mount Horsehead (also known as Hookjaw Mountain) to the north, the Broken Mountain to the south, and the Rise to the east. However, due to the overall slant of the mountains near here, plus Paarfi's assertion that Blackchapel was on the opposite side of the Lake from the Rise, I rotated the valley to the southeast a bit.

This lines up Mount Horsehead with the southernmost of the Ash Mountains, Hanging Mountain, so I located Horsehead as its southwestern neighbor.

Based on the passage of Issola, I believe the mountains to the immediate east of Mount Horsehead/Hookjaw Mountain are known collectively as "The Hookjaw Mountains" and they extend east at least as far as is necessary to be described as "north" of Blackchapel.

The Valley
The Valley

The region to the immediate south of Blackchapel is known as Estonia based on these two passages:

[Morrolan] came to [Blackchapel] traveling from the south ... his home was ... not twenty miles away. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 1)

[Morrolan has] the coinage of Estonia (see pgs 6-7, Morrolan is from 20 miles to the south) (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 1)

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