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Chapter 29 - Castle Redface

From Castle Redface, Paarfi tells us:

To the south there is the Redface itself, a drop of more than [2000] feet into the Eastern River. To the west, there is the ... gentle slope of Mount Bli'aard ... To the north the mountain rises ... leading off to Mount Kieron, and, further, to the high plateau of Pepperfield, before dropping to the Valley of Salt, beyond which lies the region of Sandyhome. To the east there are the distant peaks of the Ironwall and Whitecrown which lead to the lands of the Easterners. (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 24)

Since the slope increases to the north, and decreases to the west, I located Castle Redface due south of the peak of Mount Bli'aard.

In the passage above, Paarfi indicates the Laughing River is just to the south of the Redface, but it's pretty clearly located to the north as well. I asked Steve how it could be in both places, and he replied,

Most likely either terminology confusion (when do you call this the Eastern River, and when is it just some mountain streams that will join together to FORM the Eastern River?)

I drew the river that is south of the Redface flowing west as merging into the Laughing River to the west.

Castle Redface
Castle Redface

To the west of Castle Redface is the town (and ford) known as Bengloarafurd.

they reached the mountain called Bli'aard and city of Bengloarafurd, which was less than a day's ride from ... Redface. (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 22)

Just before they reach the Fordway Road, which they must take if they are to get to [Redface from Bengloarafurd]. (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 22)

The Bengloarafurd lay against an unusually shallow portion of the Climbing River, one of the longest, fastest, and deepest of the streams with which the Eastern Mountains in general, and Mount Bli'aard in particular, are so abundantly supplied ... The first to discover the place were ... advance scouts ... in the Fourth Cycle [who] followed the Climbing River down from the North and found a shallow spot [Bengloarafurd] ... it boasted a population 11,000, more than twice its elevation measured in meters. (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 22)

First of all, I concur with Mark Mandel's assessment that Bengloarafurd is located about a mile above sea level.

However, since there is no indication how high Mount Bli'aard itself rises, I'm going to guess that Bengloarafurd is about halfway down the mountain (about 15 miles, based on the average radius of mountains), and since the Climbing River flows in from the north, I located Bengloarafurd to the southwest of the peak.

My guess is that the Climbing River runs from near the peak of Mount Bli'aard southwest through Bengloarafurd and down the mountain to eventually merge into the Laughing River.

Further, the map of the East shows the Laughing River runs west of Bengloarafurd. Since it eventually ends up very near to South Mountain far to the south, I drew it curving back to the south almost immediately after flowing west off of that map.

Bengloarafurd and the Climbing River
Bengloarafurd and the Climbing River

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