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Chapter 1 - Unresolved Issues

This document contains all outstanding issues I have with the Map of Dragaera, both of locations that I could not place, and passages that appear to conflict with one another.

If you can resolve any of these issues, please let me know at the email address at the bottom of each page.

A Note on Locations and Titles

it took me about half an hour to determine that neither a barony of Reega nor a county of Endra could be found ... they were titles without places to go with them (Orca, Chapter 6)

The first step of this project was to collect all references to the geography of Dragaera. When I first began this task, I ignored titles. About halfway through, I decided to start recording them. This means for many of the books, I don't have the titles at all, and as the quote above points out, not all titles are associated with an actual geographical area.

Similarly, I did not originally note the names of wines (which appear to often be named after the region they are produced in), and those that I did note, may or may not be associated with an actual geographical area.

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