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Chapter 25 - The Ash Mountains

Just a hop from the southern tip of the Spearhead Channel is Deathgate Falls, which is located in a part of the Eastern Mountains known as the Ash Mountains.

the Greymist Valley itself strechs some twenty or twenty-five miles, beginning next to Hanging Mountain, and continuing past the next of the three peaks that, still part of the Eastern Mountains, are together called the Ash Mountains. This next mountain is called Gyffer's Peak, and it, of the three, is the one beside which the greatest channel has been cut by the fast-flowing Blood River ... dark mountains looming above on both sides, the snowy caps of Gyffer's Peak behind, and the soft green of Round Mountain before. Gyffer's Peak ... is even populated upon some of its lower slopes, though not ... in the valley itself... there are several villages on the west side where coffee beans are grown [and] often brought overland to the Eastern River or to the Spearhead Channel and thus to the Kieron's Sea (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 29)

[Piro and] friends were positioned, at this time, on the west bank of the Blood River. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 30)

The second passage establishes that the valley runs north/south, but I slanted it a bit to the east, to match the overall layout of the Eastern Mountains.

It appears that Gyffer's Peak borders the valley more than either of the other two peaks, which suggests that the valley is bordered on the west by Gyffer's Peak its full length, and by the Hanging Mountain to the southeast, and Round Mountain to the northeast.

The only nearby village named is Trader's Rock:

we left [Pel] in a small village on the southern slopes of Dzur Mountain, we now find him just outside a small village, this one called Trader's Rock, on the western slopes of Hanging Mountain. (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 35)

I located Trader's Rock 25 miles west of the peak of Hanging Mountain.

The area to the immediate southwest of the Ash Mountains appears to be a large expanse of grassland known as the Forever Plains:

We were surrounded by by grasses that reached my waist. There was not a tree or a mountain or a building in sight ... We rested under the open sky that night ... we resumed our walk. It was a nice warm day, and I saw the distant peaks of mountains (Taltos, Chapter 8)

What brings you to the Forever Plains? (Taltos, Chapter 9)

[Morrolan and Vlad] set off for the mountains. After walking a few more hours, Morrolan stopped again and stared straight ahead, toward the base of the mountains. He said, "I think I can make out enough details to teleport us safely." [they teleport] The air here was cool, and very biting. Behind us was an incredible expanse of green. All around us were mountains, hard and rocky. (Taltos, Chapter 9)

We continued up the slope for another couple of hours, then it leveled off ... After another hour or so, we came to a wide, fast stream coming up a slope we didn't take. Morrolan turned with the stream, and in a couple more hours it had become a small river. By dark it was a big river ... Blood River ... After walking for an hour or so the next morning, we had followed it to Deathgate Falls. (Taltos, Chapter 9)

The Ash Mountains
The Ash Mountains

While I cannot locate it precisely (nor do I even have a name for the city in question), it appears that Tsira and Grassfog's ancestral home is near here as well:

[Tsira/Grassfog's family] lived in the far north of this range, in the Round Mountain ... Deathgate Falls! [They] lived lower on the slopes ... not far, as distances go, from the Blood River (Sethra Lavode, Chapter 90)

My guess is that it's on the northern side of the valley between Hanging Mountain and Round Mountain.

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