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Chapter 27 - The Holdfree Mines

This is very speculative, but consider this passage:

Additionally, certain pockets above the Great Sea of Amorphia claimed allegiance to the Pretender ... a previous Phoenix Emperor ... took mining rights from various of the counts of the district. (Sethra Lavode, Preface)

The "mining rights" were probably taken from the mines mentioned here:

the mines to the North ... depend on trade with the West to feed the laborers (Five Hundred Years After, Chapter 1)

And we are even given a name for these mines:

the Holdfree Mines to the north [of Dragaera City] (Five Hundred Years After, Chapter 11)

Above the Greater Sea puts these mines to the north of the desert Suntra.

While it is possible these mines are dug down into the earth, it is more likely that they are dug into mountains (or at least hills), which lines up nicely with something else I suspect: the source of the Adrilankha River is probably in a hilly or mountainous region (since rivers flow downhill).

Taken together, this suggests there is probably a mountain range that runs from somewhere near the Twisted Forest east to the source of the Adrilankha River, and that this region is heavily mined, much like the Kanefthali Mountains to the west.

The Holdfree Mines
The Holdfree Mines

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