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Chapter 11 - Harata

some three hundred and ten or three hundred and twenty leagues southwest of Mount Kana there is a region called Harata ... it should not ... be confused with ... Hartre, to the south ... Harata is ... a place of rolling hills ... a large number of small ponds, gentle meadows, and ... small wooded areas ... most of the Empire's wool came from this district. In the days of the Empire, the wool had, most often, been transported to the Elbow River, from which point it could be loaded on ships, which might journey to Hartre, or to Elde Island, or to barges that would make their way along the Grand Canal from Candletown to Dragaera City. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 22)

Paarfi goes on to zoom in on Blackbird Mountain, so I believe he is giving us the location of that mountain, and not the "closest border" of Harata to Mount Kana.

Locating Blackbird Mountain 310-320 leagues (930 to 960 miles) southwest of Mount Kana puts it to the WEST of Candletown (in the middle of the ocean).

I asked Steve if he meant it was to the SOUTHEAST of Mount Kana, and he replied,


Through this area flows the Elbow River:

The Elbow River was named by a certain Tiassa who, seeing it from atop Blackbird Mountain, fancied it resembled a bent arm as it westerly course made an abrupt southward turn as it was joined by streams running from [Blackbird Mountain] ... As for Blackbird Mountain itself ... it was named by Lord Blackbird ... he also named the stream that flows down from it, the river that stream becomes and which flows into the Elbow River just at the elbow, and the surrounding district ... the name of the duchy was changed from Blackbird to Blackbirdriver, which is why the single largest political division within the geographical region of Harata takes its name from what is, in fact, little more than a stream, and one that passes through the duchy for only a score or so of miles (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 22)

The Elbow River flows west until it hits the mountain, then turns south. It appears to run due south, but Steve had previously told me:

The Elbow River flows southwest for a while

I think that means it flows down to Blackbird Mountain from the northeast, not from directly east.

At Blackbirdriver mountain, it is met by the Blackbird River, running down the mountain. Paarfi says this river only runs for a score of miles through the district. I interpreted this as meaning the river is only 20 miles long (and not that it continues to flow from somewhere outside of Harata).

I guessed that the Blackbird River started within a few miles of its peak, so I put the bend 25 miles away, at the foot of the mountain. Since the river comes in from the northeast, and curves to the south, I located the bend to the southeast of the mountain.

The Elbow River
The Elbow River

Ibronka appears to live in the lowlands at the base of Blackbird Mountain, in Larkspur Manor:

the County of Larkspur, where the Duchess of Blackbirdriver had her seat, matters were not as bad as they were in many other counties .... because of certain lowlands at the base of the mountain, which, combined with the extreme heat of summer and the moderation of the winter, permitted the growing of fieldrice ... The manor of Larkspur was a long, low structure ... built solidly of stones that had been brought up the Elbow River at great expense and difficulty because of the breakdown of transportation ... [from Ibronka's window, she can see] very plain, unadorned fields of grass. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 22)

Since the stones were brought up the river, she is located along the Elbow River, and upstream (northeast) of the mountain.

From there, she travels to Lorimel:

[from Blackbirdriver go] wait for a caravan that will be passing through Lorimel in one or two days ... you must stay with this caravan until it reaches the coast, which will be near Hartre, after which you must ... continue eastward until you come to the coastal city of Adrilankha ... it is some three or four hours to Lorimel ... [Chapter 23] at this pace, you will kill your horse before we have made it halfway to Lorimel ... after which they resumed the journey at a more reasonable rate, which brought them several hours later into Lorimel. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 22, 23)

Her instructions are to "continue eastward", which puts Lorimel east of Larkspur, and I guessed that 3 to 4 hours was 9 to 12 miles, based, once again, on my estimated travel time of 3 miles per hour.

Last but not least, Lorimel is located along a major highway in this part of the Empire that connects the Kanefthali Mountains to the northwest and Hartre to the south.

[Lorimel was] a location along the Great Northwestern Road that had once run, unbroken, some six hundred leagues from the Kanefthali Mountains all the way to Adrilankha (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 23)


I originally drew the Great Northwestern Road connecting Lorimel and Mount Kana, but after Steve pointed out that Kana was on the western edge of the Kanefthali Mountains, I changed my mind.

I tried connecting it to the southern tip of the mountain range, and noticed that took it almost directly through Candletown, which makes sense logistically to me.

In the following diagram, I have tentatively sketched in the western coastline by connecting all the points along the west coast.

The Great Northwestern Road
The Great Northwestern Road

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