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Chapter 14 - Greenaere

Based on the description given of the ship Vlad used in Phoenix to sail to Greenaere, I guessed that it was about 450 miles from Northport. I'll save you my reasoning, since Steve disagreed:

Rather more than that, perhaps double it.

And, in the same breath, I had guessed that the trip from Greenaere to Adrilankha was about 900 miles:

Again, about double it.

All told, that puts Greenaere 900 miles from Northport and 1800 miles from Adrilankha.

As to the character of Greenaere herself, not much is said:

Greenaere was somewhere ahead ... It was an island about a hundred and ten miles long, and perhaps thirty miles wide, looking on my map like a banana, with a crooked stem on the near side. The port was located where the stem joined the fruit. The major city ... was about twelve miles inland from the stem. (Phoenix, Chapter 2)

If you looked at a map of the Empire, the notion of a war with Greenaere would seem laughable--this huge monster of a landmass next to a little splotch shaped like a banana. (Phoenix, Chapter 7)

The "near side" is a little vague; I think that means either "near to where Vlad was traveling from (to the north, in Northport)" or "near to the Empire as a whole (to the east)". I compromised and put the "stem" on the north, curving to the east, with the port right at the base of the stem and the "major city" 12 miles inland from there.


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