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Chapter 16 - The Southern Coast

While discussing Vlad's trip from Northport to Greenaere, and from there to Adrilankha, Steve told me a little more about the second leg of this trip:

In particular, from Greenaere to Adrilankha, you must either take the long way around Elde, or else go around the peninsula south and east of Hartre, so it's considerably longer than a straight line.

This establishes that

1. The peninsula runs to the southeast of Hartre.

2. The peninsula does not extend further south than the southwestern tip of Elde Island. That is, if you round Elde Island, you are already further south than the southernmost tip of this peninsula.

Further, I can guess at a village near this tip: The tropical village of Southpoint.

descended upon them as one of the "thunder waves" of Southpoint crashes onto the shore of that tropical village (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 56)

I realize this is very tenuous, but this peninsula appears to represent the southernmost point of the Empire, and assuming Southpoint is a part of the Empire, this is as good a place for it as any.

I located Southpoint at the southern tip of this peninsula, which I drew to the southeast of Hartre. Since I do not know how far south it extends, I located it midway in latitude between Hartre and the southern tip of Elde Island.


Between the mouth of the Eastern River and Adrilankha lies the Barony of Halfwing:

Finally, I located a point to the west of Adrilankha along the southern coast:

a small parcel of land from the estate of Baron Halfwing, which ... was situated in the lowlands some eighty leagues west of [Adrilankha] and along the coast. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 9)

The Southern Coast
The Southern Coast

Finally, the transform fault that presumably formed the northern part of Elde Island is probably quite chaotic to the east of the island where the continental plate is pulling away from the southern oceanic plate.

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