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Chapter 39 - Newmarket

[Dzur Mountain is] about midway between the Adrilankha River and the Eastern River. Either would be suitable for a southward journey, but ... you will be going north ... there is a road through the jungle ... that crosses the Eastern River ... at a good ford. The road then turns east to the Shallow Sea, but if you continue north [you will] find a road running through the jungle [to] Wilder [on] the edge of the Pushta (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 24)

This turning is north of Dzur Mountain (which is in Southmoor), but how far north?

[From Dzur Mountain] they rode northeast toward their meeting with the Laughing River (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 26)

As the passage above indicates, they traveled northeast from Dzur Mountain. The next time we catch up to them,

It was on a Farmday in late winter of the 246th year of the Interregnum that [Zerika and friends] set out from Dzur Mountain, bound for Deathgate Falls and the Paths of the Dead ... by the time ten or twelve days had passed ... we are now in the duchy called Luatha / And the Sorannah? / Sorannah the region or Sorannah the county? ... the entire province has the name as well as a county within the duchy of Two Rivers [The County] is that way [pointing with her left hand] Across the Shallow River / The Shallow River? ... I thought it was called the Laughing River? / Oh, it is / where is Newmarket? / If it still exists ... it is thirty or forty miles in that direction / the Marquisate of Khaavren cannot be far / No, it cannot ... yet I do not know precisely where it is ... were we to turn around and travel back downriver to the place where the Yendi River joins the Shallow ... we might see barges carrying that famous wine down to the deltas ... they passed through Luatha and continued northward, looking forward to their first sight of the Eastern Mountains, still far ahead; and, at their northern tip, some fifteen hundred miles away, Deathgate Falls and the Paths of the Dead. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 26)

And a few pages later, Mica and Lars have the following conversation:

We have been making five leagues a day, have we not? ... The Lady Zerika ... pretends we can now make ten leagues a day ... in the old days, we made ten leagues a day without ... using the posts. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 26)

Taken together, it appears that 10 or 12 days northeast of Dzur Mountain, traveling at 5 leagues a day (15 miles per day), they stop and have this conversation. That would be between 150 and 180 miles northeast of Dzur Mountain.

Dzur Mountain to the Laughing River
Dzur Mountain to the Laughing River

Tazendra refers to going "back downriver" to where the Yendi River (more on that later) merges into the Shallow (which she indicates is another name for the Laughing River). This suggests that they have already crossed the Laughing River by this time (presumably at the "good ford" Sethra mentions).

Further, they are apparently within sight of the Laughing River, as Tazendra appears to point to a place on the other side of it.

Best of all, Sethra says that after they cross the ford, the road turns east but they should continue north. So the ford is apparently along the Laughing River after it has turned to the east.

As to the exact route taken, it seems pretty clear they went east around Daavya, because there is no mention of Daavya or the post between Bra-moor and Undauntra's Highway.

The road they found ran north to the ford, and then turned east. My guess is that this road is between the coast and the road from Bra-moor to Undauntra's Highway, and is probably the same road Morrolan et al followed on their way to Southmoor:

They happened to meet a peasant as they followed the road from Chorbis, the village where they had managed to find an inn the night before. (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 37)

Morrolan came from the northeast, along a road that lead from Chorbis to Bellows.

Bellows, it turns out, is 45 miles east of Nacine:

there are the ruins of [a floating] castle nearby [from Bellows] Perhaps sixty or seventy miles west of here ... Then let us go there ... ten or eleven hours after setting out, they had traveled some fifteen leagues, bringing them, at the end of that time, to the wall that circled the village of Nacine, on the Hightower Brook (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 37)

This suggests that there is a road that runs from this good ford south to Chorbis, which is some 45 miles (a day's journey) north of Bellows, which is 45 miles east of Nacine.

The Chorbis Road
The Chorbis Road

At the point this conversation occurred, Tazendra indicates that Newmarket is 40 miles away, but unfortunately she does not give us an exact direction. Since she is traveling north, and points toward it with her left hand, I'm going to guess it is west of the Laughing River.

However, it appears that Undauntra's Highway is pretty much due west of where she is standing, and Paarfi points out that Newmarket is close (but not too close) to the "Imperial Highway", which is probably Undauntra's Highway:

it was near enough to the Imperial Highway that a coach came by ... but far enough away that it was a good refuge for the few bandits and highwaymen [who preyed on travellers] (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 1)

Accordingly, I put Newmarket to the northwest of where I think this conversation took place.


One obvious problem is this passage:

the village of Newmarket, some sixty leagues from Dragaera City (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 1)

Sixty leagues would presumably be about 180 miles, and my location for Newmarket is much, much further than that (around 974 miles).

I asked Steve about it, and he replied,

Pel is wrong. Well, sort of. To quote Athos, speaking to D'artagnan: "What sort of leagues? For, as you know, there are leagues and leagues, in this France of ours."

Anyway, back to that passage from The Phoenix Guards:

[it] was located in the wide valley between the Yendi and the Shallow Rivers ... [and] was in that portion of this valley ... within the County of Sorannah [in] the Duchy of Luatha (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 1)

This would seem to indicate Newmarket is in Luatha, and yet Tezendra says it's in the Duchy of Two Rivers (and she clearly indicates Luatha and Two Rivers are not the same).

My guess is that Two Rivers refers to the Yendi and the Shallow/Laughing, which matches the location of Newmarket, and therefore I believe Newmarket is in the Duchy of Two Rivers, and the Duchy of Luatha is south of the Yendi River (between Two Rivers and Arylle) and also east of the Shallow River (since Tazendra is in Luatha, and points across the river).

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