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Chapter 40 - Fornia

During the events portrayed in Dragon, Vlad marches to Fornia, which appears to be located between the Laughing River and the Eastern Mountains.

we usually had the Eastern River on our left, and we always had the Eastern Mountains on our right, and we kept going north (Dragon, Chapter 12)

When Vlad is at the Wall, he mentions a spin off of the Laughing River:

To the west was the stream, a little spinoff from the Eastern River. It ran straight south until it emptied into Khaavren's Sea, some three hundred miles away. To the southwest were a couple of smaller hills ... three hundred miles is too far away to smell the sea (Dragon, Chapter 15)

Since this stream actually branches off of the Laughing River, it is probably the same river Mica mentions:

Beneath those trees. There is a river on the other side of them. This river, whose name I do not know, is fed by various streams out of various of the mountains, but it runs as a brook for a considerable distance alongside of South Mountain, which I recall because I followed that brook for days and days [they rode] By this time ... they were riding due north, on the west bank of the stream to which Mica had referred, and with the South Mountain looming over them further to the east. (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 41)

While there is no mention of this river's ultimate destination, I don't see anywhere else it could go except for the Shallow Sea, and since it appears to "hug" South Mountain, I don't see room for another runoff.

I think we're even told the name of this little runoff. Earlier, when Sethra is planning the campaign, she mentions that they will end up in the vicinity of the Flatstone River:

[Sethra] pointed to a spot [on a map] and said, "We strike here ... and retreat this way, toward the Eastern Mountains ... We'll need to make arrangements [to bivouac] if we're west of the Flatstone River, or north of Turtle (Dragon, Chapter 6)

None of this is proof, but it fits, so I used it.

I drew the Flatstone River as hugging the Eastern Mountains from South Mountain (where Mica mentions it) to the Wall (where Vlad mentions it), and from there, straight south into the Shallow Sea.

Fornia appears to occupy the entire area east of the Laughing River, south of the Wall, west of the Shallow Sea, and extends south some unknown distance.

Kragar refers to Fornia as being a "neighbor" of Sethra's:

I recognized the region at once because Dzur Mountain was marked near the left-hand border, and I recognized the Barnsnake River two-thirds of the way toward the right, which meant the markings on the right border were the foothills of the Eastern Mountains. Kragar pointed to an area a little above and to the right of Dzur Mountain. "Fornia County," he said, tracing an area that ran almost all the way to the edge of the map ... what do you know of Fornia? ... A neighbor of Sethra Lavode ... Fornia is old; over two thousand ... He did a fair bit of expanding before the Interregnum, and he's been at it again during the last hundred years or so ... he's been known to hire Eastern mercenaries ... From where in the East? / Not your part. Farther south, as I understand it. (Dragon, Chapter 3)

While I'm not sure exactly how far south Fornia goes, there is a mention of another "district" in this area:

South Mountain has ... quite vanished behind them, and they are making their way along the vast plain occasionally dotted with forests between the Shallow Sea and the Laughing River ... Near the end of the day, they found a small village called Barleytown, which is in the southern portion of the district called Agate... There was not much to this village--that is to say, it consisted of what had once been a posting station ... and a small inn ... the only one for fifty miles in any direction. (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 49)

I concur with Alexx's assessment of where Barleytown is. Since Paarfi says it is between the Laughing River and the Shallow Sea, I found the point that was 270 miles from South Mountain and as close to the midline between those two geographical features as possible, and located Barleytown there.


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