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Chapter 7 - The Kanefthali Mountains

The northwest appears to be dominated by a chain of mountains called the Kanefthali Mountains.

a place that is very nearly at the western edge [of the Empire] ... to the far northwestern region of the continent, on a peak called Kana, in the Kanefthali Mountains. In the earliest days of the Empire, when the seventeen tribes ... began moving east, among the first discoveries was [the Kanefthali Mountains, and Zerika negotiated a portion away from the Serioli] This portion centered around four of the mountains: Koopyr, famous for its large twin peaks ... Needle-at-the-Top and Redground ... and Kana, which looked back north upon the others ... the Serioli [were] confined to the far north, on such peaks as Lostway and Brownhead ... in a lower valley of Kana called Whiteside, near a village of the same name (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 3)

I asked Steve how long the chain was and in what direction it ran, and he replied,

Northeast to southwest about 700 miles.

And later,

The north coast is about 100 miles from the southernmost peak. Kana is about in the middle, along western edge.

I located the coast 100 miles northwest of the southernmost peak of the mountain range.

Unfortunately, beyond a general sense of direction, there is not enough information to map out the relationship between most of the peaks described by Paarfi in the first passage. One that I did locate was Lostway, based on the following observation:

the sixteen hour journey [from Kana's home] to his home in the lush Valley of Three Seasons at the feet of Mount Lostway [north of Kana] ... [Roannac] had a view of the Coldwater Lake and much of the valley [from her porch at Three Seasons manor] (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 15)

The Valley of Three Seasons is settled by Dragaerans (Tiassa in this case), yet is at the foot of the Serioli peak Lostway. This establishes Lostway as something of a dividing line between the Serioli and Dragaeran portions of the chain.

Sixteen hours would appear to be approximately 48 miles (3 miles per hour is my estimated travel speed), and yet Lostway is described as being in the "far north" of the range. I guessed that Mount Lostway was exactly midway between Mount Kana and the northernmost peak, and then located the two cities as close together as possible by putting Whiteside (where the carriage ride originated) 25 miles north of Mount Kana (based on my "width of mountains" argument, and north to put it closest to the western edge of the mountains), and Three Seasons 25 miles west of Mount Lostway.

That puts the trip at 140 miles as the jhereg flies, which is still very far for a carriage ride over (or around) the mountains in sixteen hours, but it's the closest I can get the two without violating the text.

The Kanefthali Mountains
The Kanefthali Mountains

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