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Chapter 48 - Castle Rock

To the south, the other Yendi River probably originates in the Collier Hills to the immediate west.

This is presumably the location of Khaavren's home town of Castle Rock:

Khaavren of Castlerock (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 1)

Castle Rock in the Sorannah, near the headwaters of the Yendi River (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 25)

I originally thought Paarfi meant the "main" Yendi River to the north, but Tazendra seems clear enough that it is this southern Yendi River:

the Marquisate of Khaavren cannot be far / No, it cannot ... yet I do not know precisely where it is ... were we to turn around and travel back downriver to the place where the Yendi River joins the Shallow ... we might see barges carrying that famous wine down to the deltas ... they passed through Luatha and continued northward, looking forward to their first sight of the Eastern Mountains, still far ahead; and, at their northern tip, some fifteen hundred miles away, Deathgate Falls and the Paths of the Dead. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 26)

Castle Rock
Castle Rock

There are a number of passages that agree with this location:

it is hard to believe that my lord Khaavren was raised far inland, hundreds of leagues from the ocean-sea (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 36)

I have located Castle Rock 380 miles (127 leagues) from the Shallow Sea to the east, and 700 miles (233 leagues) from the ocean to the south.

[Zerika] deeded [Khaavren] the small but fertile valley for which he was named (Sethra Lavode, Chapter 102)

The presence of a valley confirms the location is in a hilly region.

observe the fields and meadows of Sorannah slowly pass by ... [Tazendra] shall miss the candlebud, which grows nowhere else ... Khaavren was also from this general region, which was the only area where candlebud could be found ... [Candlebud] grows only on the eastern slope of a hill or valley ... and always near running water, though never too near ... there are whole valleys that shimmer in the night (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 2)

Another reference to valleys/hills near Khaavren's home.

[Khaavren is] from a duchy far from [Dragaera City]. (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 11)

I show them to be 905 miles apart.

You have addressed me as 'Marquis'. / Khaavren is the largest district within the County of Shallowbanks. (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 1)

Since Castle Rock is nowhere near the ocean, I assume the "banks" in "Shallowbanks" is a reference to a river. It could be the Yendi River, or possibly a shallow spot in the Adrilankha River to the west, or possibly even an otherwise inconsequential river like the Trior (which might be another name for this southern Yendi River):

the waterfalls from the Trior River, a tributary of the Shallow River which flows near my home. (The Phoenix Guards, Chapter 11)

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