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Chapter 4 - The Grand Canal

to barges that would make their way along the Grand Canal from Candletown to Dragaera City. (The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 22)

Since the Grand Canal appears to connect Dragaera City to the western coast, my assumption is that the flow (insomuch as a canal can flow) of water in the canal is westward.

However, Steve told me that the Lesser Sea of Chaos is drawing water into itself via the Canal in Vlad's time:

the Grand Canal runs from Candletown to the old Dragaera City (i.e., it now runs into the lesser sea of Amorphia)

The Grand Canal runs through the county of Merwin, home to Loraan:

The place to which we now direct our reader is in the county of Merwin, along the Grand Canal--or as near to the geographical middle of the Empire as anywhere one could name. (The Lord of Castle Black, Chapter 59)

Since Paarfi says Merwin is as near the geographical middle of the empire as anywhere you could name, I asked Steve if the Grand Canal bisected the empire in half north/south.

The canal is a bit more southerly than dead central.

It also seemed to suggest that Candletown, Merwin, and Dragaera City were all at the same latitude.

Yes. The canal veers very slightly south, from Candletown to Dragaera, but generally yes.

I also asked him how long it was (that is, how far Candletown and Dragaera City were from one another)

Looks like about 1200 miles.

I interpreted "very slightly south" as east by south, resulting in the following initial impression of the Grand Canal:

The Grand Canal
The Grand Canal

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