The Map of Dragaera
Chapter 1 -Steve's Map
Chapter 2 -Speculative Cartography
Chapter 3 -The East
Chapter 4 -The Grand Canal
Chapter 5 -The Eastern River
Chapter 6 -The Kanefthali Mountains
Chapter 7 -Northport
Chapter 8 -Harata
Chapter 9 -Greenaere
Chapter 10 -Elde Island
Chapter 11 -The Southern Coast
Chapter 12 -Daavya
Chapter 13 -Arylle and Luatha
Chapter 14 -Newmarket
Chapter 15 -Whitemill/Gatehall
Chapter 16 -Mistyvale County
Chapter 17 -The Southeast
Chapter 18 -Dragaera City
Chapter 19 -Fornia
Chapter 20 -The Collier Hills
Chapter 21 -Castle Rock
Chapter 22 -The Pepperfields
Chapter 23 -Castle Redface
Chapter 24 -Burz
Chapter 25 -The Ash Mountains
Chapter 26 -Daeld Mountains
Chapter 27 -Kliuev
Chapter 28 -Zerika's Point
Chapter 29 -Miscellaneous Locations
Chapter 30 -The Lay of the Land
Unresolved Issues
Chapter 31 -Blackchapel
Chapter 32 -The Pepper Road
Chapter 33 -The Massacre in Tirma
Chapter 34 -The Holdfree Mines
Chapter 35 -Other Missing Locations (A)
Chapter 36 -Other Missing Locations (B)
Chapter 37 -Other Missing Locations (C)
Chapter 38 -Other Missing Locations (D)
Chapter 39 -Other Missing Locations (E)
Chapter 40 -Other Missing Locations (F)
Chapter 41 -Other Missing Locations (G)
Chapter 42 -Other Missing Locations (H)
Chapter 43 -Other Missing Locations (I)
Chapter 44 -Other Missing Locations (J)
Chapter 45 -Other Missing Locations (K)
Chapter 46 -Other Missing Locations (L)
Chapter 47 -Other Missing Locations (M)
Chapter 48 -Other Missing Locations (N)
Chapter 49 -Other Missing Locations (P)
Chapter 50 -Other Missing Locations (R)
Chapter 51 -Other Missing Locations (S)
Chapter 52 -Other Missing Locations (T)
Chapter 53 -Other Missing Locations (V)
Chapter 54 -Other Missing Locations (W)
Chapter 55 -Other Missing Locations (Y)
Chapter 56 -Other Missing Locations (Z)

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The Map of Dragaera

Hello, and welcome to the Map of Dragaera.

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Herein I will explain how I created release 3 of the map of Dragaera, and catalog everything I think I know about the geography of Steven Brust's world of Dragaera. Even if you are not particularly interested in my reasoning, you may still find these documents useful as a compendium of what Steve has told us about the geography of Dragaera.

My goal with this project is to create the richest map I can that satisfies the text. While I prefer deduction, I will resort to speculation--and even guesswork--towards this end.

Although I've used the works of Steven Brust as a basis to create this map, this is my work, not his, and should you find any mistakes in this document, they should be directed to me, not him.

While this project is not official, Steve has been very helpful in its creation. He has clarified some text, identified some text that is in error, and even provided information not contained anywhere in the published text. I intend to use this latter information with the implied stipulation that he might well change his mind between now and a future publication.

Please beware that some of these articles may contain spoilers. While the subject matter I have chosen to cover is generally not central to the plot, it may pain you to read a passage attributed to Pel, for example, when his survival is in doubt in an earlier chapter.

Creative Commons License
The images on this page are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License. You may use these images in your own non-commercial works (or as the basis of your own non-commercial works) so long as you attribute them to (or say they were derived from works by) Bryan Newell and provide a link back to

All maps are oriented with north toward the top of the map, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Map Resources

Distance Calculator Calculate the direction, distance and average travel time between two points.
View/Download File List of locations and their coordinates in CSV format. 1 unit = 1 mile.

Prior Releases and Other Items of Dubious Interest

Click on the thumbnails to view the full size images.

Map of the Empire, Release 2 Map of the Empire, Release 2
Originally released in June of 2011.
Sketch of the Pepperfields Sketch of the Pepperfields
A sketch I made while trying to visualize the Pepperfields (not to scale).
Map of the Empire, Release 1 Map of the Empire, Release 1
Originally released in March of 2004.


Steven Brust

The Dragaera Mailing List

Alexx's Dragaera Timeline

Maps of the Earth derived from Tom Patterson's Physical Map of the World

The Cartographer's Guild is an invaluable source of information, tips, and ideas about mapmaking

The maps themselves were created using a variety of software, including PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Wilbur, and Irfanview

Pan-and-zoomable map created with Leaflet, gdal2tiles-leaflet, commenthol/leaflet-rastercoords, muyao1987/Leaflet.LabelTextCollision (modified), makinacorpus/Leaflet.TextPath (modified), IvanSanchez's solution to keeping labels centered in the visible portion of regions, mourner/tinyqueue, mapbox/polylabel, aprilandjan/leaflet.measure (with the tweak suggested by Merion), and stefanocudini/leaflet-search (modified)

Change Log

If at any point I have to make any major changes to the Map, I'll create a Release 4, but incidental changes will appear here.


  • Dragaera is the name of the planet, and it has two moons
  • Fixed typo (Szanislo -> Szaniszlo)
  • When point labels overlap, show the one that is mentioned the most in the text
  • Fixed typo (Estonia -> Esania)


  • Extended the Great Northwestern Road those last 8 miles to Ivaacim (thanks, Alexx)
  • Added some missing index/wiki entries (thanks, Alexx)
  • Fixed typo (Aeld -> Aelma)
  • Added measure tool (click the icon on the left or hit 'm' on the keyboard to start, hit Esc to end the current measurement, or Esc twice to clear the measurements)
  • Added search tool


  • Initial release.


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