The Map of Dragaera
Release 2

Hello, and welcome to the Map of Dragaera. Herein I will explain how I created release 2 of the map of Dragaera, and catalog everything I think I know about the geography of Steven Brust's world of Dragaera. Even if you are not particularly interested in my reasoning, you may still find these documents useful as a compendium of what Steve has told us about the geography of Dragaera.

While my initial goal was to reproduce the map that exists in Steve's head, I now believe that the only person who can do that is Steve himself. My goal instead became to create the richest map I could that satisfied the text. While I have preferred deduction, I have also resorted to speculation--and even guesswork--towards this end.

Although I've used the works of Steven Brust as a basis to create this map, this is my work, not his, and should you find any mistakes in this document, they should be directed to me, not him.

While this project is not official, Steve has been very helpful in its creation. He has clarified some text, identified some text that is in error, and even provided information not contained anywhere in the published text. I intend to use this latter information with the implied stipulation that he might well change his mind between now and a future publication.

Please beware that some of these articles may contain spoilers. While the subject matter I have chosen to cover is generally not central to the plot, it may pain you to read a passage attributed to Pel, for example, when his survival is in doubt in an earlier chapter.

All maps are oriented with north toward the top of the map, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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Significant Events Since Last Release

  • 04/2004 - Sethra Lavode published.
  • 02/2005 through 07/2007 - Corresponding with Steve via email.
  • 08/2006 - Dzur published.
  • 09/2006 - Brokedown Palace reprinted (with a new map of the East).
  • 07/2008 - Jhegaala published.
  • 01/2010 - Iorich published.
  • 03/2011 - The Desecrator and Tiassa published.


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    Alexx's Dragaera Timeline for matters of chronology.

    Maps of the Earth derived from Tom Patterson's Physical Map of the World.

    The Cartographer's Guild is an invaluable source of information, tips, and ideas about mapmaking.

    The maps themselves were created using a variety of software, including PaintShop Photo Pro, gimp, and Irfanview.

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